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October 1-31, 2020

KCSA facilities are CLOSED until further notice.

This means the Wareham's Pond Recreation Center is not available for Sunday services nor the Men's Bible Study on
Monday mornings. In addition, there are restrictions as to the number of participants allowed in any one gathering; sometimes the number varies.

===> We must cancel our regular Sunday services and Men's and Ladies' Bible Studies for the foreseeable future.

In lieu of the usual Sunday service, we are using the ZOOM video meeting app to conduct an online Sunday service
at 10:00 a.m.  The Pastor will prepare a recorded Sunday sermon, and the ZOOM video will be posted to this website
in a timely manner, hopefully before the end of each Sunday. Merely left-click on the "Sermons" tab at to select the date of the sermon you wish to play.

If you wish to join in on the Sunday video sermon using Zoom, contact Bill Amos by phone at 757-345-2463 or by
email at  no later than the Saturday before the video sermon on Sunday, 100:00 a.m.

Effective May 18, 2020, a ZOOM video of the Men's Bible Study may be accessed from this web page. Select the date of interest associated with a Men's Bible Study meeting, and click on the underscored text for that date. The video will begin

On July 5, 2020, we experimented with a hybrid sort of service: a combination of the ZOOM video we've been utilizing
since March 22 AND a small group in attendance together, outdoors, in Bill's and Rita's driveway in Kingsmill. In the
driveway version safe distancing was observed; face masks were optional. At the same time others of the congregation joined in via Zoom. We'll evaluate this format to see what value it affords our Sunday services. Obviously, the outdoor
format is completely subject to weather conditions. Face masks are optional, indoors and out.

On September 10, 2020, the Women's Bible Study began the Fall season with the Gospel of John. Considering the
Covid-19 restrictions, the Study will be conducted on Rita's driveway in the same way the Sunday morning service
"driveway group" meets. Temperatures have become more comfortable, but if weather precludes the use of the driveway, the Study will move indoors, where there is sufficient space to spread out comfortably. The Study will meet on Thursday, September 10, at 9:30 a.m., and attendees should bring their own beverages and chairs.

●    March 22, 2020
The first sermon posted during this nationwide time of medical emergency is found at the Sermons tab, entitled
      "1st Peter-The View from Mount Perspective."

An outline of prayerful topics, related to today's sermon, is found at the Encouragement tab. The title is "Covid
      Spiritual Warfare Prayer, 20 Ways to Pray." This information suggests the many areas of the virus dilemma that need
      our fervent prayer. As you read, consider the affect on untold thousands of people in our country - in the world -
      and the impact this scourge has had on humanity. Our prayers will help us and others get through these difficult

 The Sentara Healthcare System has provided this simple self-check chart to help people evaluate their own
      health symptoms before leaving their homes.


●    March 29, 2020
      The first ZOOM video sermon is posted under the date of March 29 with the title "Love One Another (Via Zoom)".

  We anticipate that the many restrictions of the past few weeks will continue through the coming weeks, months
      in fact. Additional recorded video messages are posted during this restricted period in the Sermons area.
      Left-click on the red Sermons tab on the left side of any screen to access all available sermons for 2020..

●    Men's Bible Study Videos (via Zoom)
      May 18, 2020            Men's Bible Study-Job (Zoom)
      May 25, 2020            Men's Bible Study-Job (Zoom)
      June 1, 2020             Men's Bible Study-Job (Zoom)
      June 29, 2020           Men's Bible Study-Revelation (Zoom)
      July 13, 2020             Men's Bible Study-Revelation-(Zoom)
      July 20, 2020             Men's Bible Study-Revelation-(Zoom)
      July 27, 2020             Men's Bible Study-Revelation-(Zoom)
      August 3, 2020          Men's Bible Study-Revelation-(Zoom)
      August 10, 2020        Men's Bible Study-Revelation-Daniel-(Zoom)
      August 17, 2020         Men's Bible Study-Daniel-(Zoom)
      September 21, 2020 Men's Bible Study-1 Peter-(Zoom)      

●    September 24, 2020
       The Women's Bible Study resumed on Thursday, September 24, 2020, at Rita's home - specifically in Rita's
      driveway.  The Fall Study begins with the Gospel of John.

●    October 4, 2020
      The ZOOM video sermon for today is posted under the date of October 4 with the title "Our Weakened Vision
      of Christ (Via Zoom)".

●    October 8, 2020
The Women's Bible Study will meet on Thursday, October 8, 2020, at Rita's home, hopefully in Rita's driveway.
      The study of the Gospel of John continues. Please bring the beverage of your choice and a
      chair.....perhaps a jacket or a wrap of some sort. The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m.; this is a different time
      from past meetings. Face masks are optional.

●    October 11, 2020
      The ZOOM video sermon for today is posted under the date of October 11 with the title "Revelation-God Is
      Sovereign (Via Zoom)".

●    October 18, 2020
      The ZOOM video sermon for today is posted under the date of October 18 with the title "Healing Comes
      through the Cross - Via Zoom".

●    October 25, 2020
      The ZOOM video sermon for today is posted under the date of October 25 with the title "The Wrath of God
      Is Being Revealed (Via Zoom)".

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