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Sunday, May 15, 2022
We fervently pray for our entire country - and the world - that the Coronavirus and its variations contract and that
victims and their families may find healing.

We celebrate America......a nation of freedom and unmatched greatness and opportunity.

Pray for our Country - and the world - for that matter. The love of Jesus is desperately needed in so many facets of
our lives, as well as in the lives of our leaders. The savage war actions that Russia released upon Ukraine is costing lives
and threatening world peace . We all pray for calm and reason to halt the fighting and terminate the illegal incursions
into a sovereign country.

The situation in Afghanistan today is dire for American citizens and Afghani associates and their families who are stranded  there, having been unable to be evacuated by August 31. Pray for safety and successful escape of these endangered
Americans and their allies.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is bringing unspeakable death and destruction upon civilians, and children in particular.
There are indiscriminate attacks on schools and hospitals. There is no regard for the kinds of targets being destroyed. We
pray for a quick end to the conflict, and we pray for the volunteers in surrounding countries who are opening their homes
and belongings to the refugees.

Especially REMEMBER the fallen heroes of our military services, who gave their lives in service to the country they loved.
While our debt to them can not be repaid, we can - and must - keep their memory alive and respected.

Pat begins local treatments on May 20, following-up to her Philadelphia trip. Doctors believe radiation and
chemotherapy is needed to promote her health and healing. We pray for continued improvement and progress.

We especially pray for Laurieann, who was able join us today! She is undergoing proton therapy after from surgery a
few weeks ago. Many thanks and prayers for her close friend Renee, who spent many days to assist throughout the
recovery period. Pray for her continued progress and healing.

Jim has enjoyed some improvement since being hospitalized with serious complications from fluid retention. Pray for
satisfactory healing solutions to be found by the medical teams.

Please pray Kristen, who is battling a serious, complicated lung condition and recovery from surgery.

See and hear our prayer requests, found in our video (ZOOM) sermons, using the Sermons tab at the upper-left side of
this screen.

Please help us to be mindful of the vicious attack on America on September 11, 2001, and to be wary of our adversaries
from that fateful day.  We pray for the souls of the innocents who were lost on September 11, 2001.  We pray for wisdom
and guidance for our national leaders and those of our allies as we combat the evil that continues to this day.

Please pray for the on-going efforts of Young Life and Cru staff members, especially our local ones, as they work to keep
our high school students focused on making wise decisions in their lives. We are thankful for recent staffing events at Providence Classical School.

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