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Sunday, May 16, 2021
We fervently pray for our entire country - and the world - that the awful Coronavirus can be eliminated quickly.
Pray that comfort and healing come to afflicted families around the world and that the medical community can
not only develop solutions, but also remain safe in their work as they care for patients.

We also celebrate America......a nation of freedom and unmatched greatness. The savage unrest and rampaging
damage that has occurred in major cities in our country initially reflected the feeling of frustration that has spread across
our country was instigated by the brutal killing of a man arrested by the Minneapolis, MN, police department. We all pray
for calm and reason to halt the rampages.....focus on the correction of such violent conflicts.

Pray for our Country - and the world - for that matter. The love of Jesus is desperately needed in so many facets of
our lives, as well as in the lives of our leaders.

Good news surrounded us this morning with reports of positive changes in many people's lives.
●    Little Riley, a 1-year-old with a spinal tumor, being treated in Washington, D.C. Recent treatments have improved
      her condition dramatically. It's reported that she is taking unassisted steps once again and is actually dancing! Pray
      for the cleansing of her little body of this awful disease.
●    Pattie reports improvement in her medical condition; pray for her continued improvement and complete healing.
●    Thad's mother has come through heart surgery with flying colors and has left the hospital and has returned home.
●    Mark's mother - at the advanced age of 96 - is string and independent, living alone and able to handle her affairs!
●    Jim has been released from the hospital and has returned to his home.

Please pray for Terry, whose one-year evaluation will be performed on Monday, May 17. We pray for full remission and
good health.

Sarvia is hospitalized in New York City, and we pray for the doctors' abilities to bring healing to her.

A Calgary, Alberta, Canada pastor was arrested and jailed - now released - for violations of COVID-19 restrictions.
Other Canadian pastors has been arrested, too. Freedom of religion seems to be in jeopardy in many areas.

Continue to pray for Fred, who mourns the loss of his dearest friend and wife, Tammy. Ask Jesus to comfort and
support him through his grief.

We pray for comfort for Joan's brother, whose health continues to decline.

See and hear our prayer requests, found in our video (ZOOM) sermons, using the Sermons tab at the left side of this screen.

Christians throughout the world are being mercilessly slaughtered for their faith. We pray that world leaders find solutions
and take actions to stop the murderous extremists who conduct these attacks.  The Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe are deplorable and can only be alleviated through the Love of God. Pray for resolution.

Please help us to be mindful of the vicious attack on America on September 11, 2001, and to be wary of our adversaries
from that fateful day.  We pray for the souls of the innocents who were lost on September 11, 2001.  We pray for wisdom
and guidance for our national leaders and those of our allies as we combat the evil that continues to this day.

Please pray for the on-going efforts of Young Life and Cru staff members, especially our local ones, as they work to keep
our high school students focused on making wise decisions in their lives. We are thankful for recent staffing events at Providence Classical School.

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