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For several months a Chapel committee has been drafting By-Laws and a Constitution, the purpose of which is to organize the Chapel into a completely recognized, legitimate, not-for-profit organization - a bona fide church.   These two documents were accepted by affirmative vote of the membership on September 25, 2005.

(Presented here are files of Microsoft Word documents which you may download to your own computer or from which you may print your own copies of the proposed By-Laws and Constitution.  The documents may be brought into Word by left-clicking on the date-text line.  You may then keep the Word text on your own computer.  When Word opens and displays the text, click File/Save As in Word;  provide a file name under which the text is to be saved;  left-click on Save.  You may Print the documents from Word as well.)

December 20, 2012    By-Laws
September 25, 2005    Constitution

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